Ruth SoRelle, MPH

Ruth SoRelle, MPHRuth SoRelle is the chief science editor in the Department of Communications & Marketing at Baylor College of Medicine and has served on its IRB for more than 10 years. She edits the online BCM newsletters From the Laboratories. She also wrote the 100-year history of Baylor College of Medicine – Quest for Excellence.

Before coming to BCM in 1998, she was the Houston Chronicle’s medical writer for 20 years. In her newspaper career, she won more than 60 awards, including the American Medical Writers’ Association John P. McGovern Award and the international health reporting award from the Pan American Health Organization for a special section on AIDS in Romanian children.

She has a bachelor’s in journalism with honors from the University of Texas at Austin and a master’s in public health from UT School of Public Health.

Read Ruth’s work on Momentum.

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